Friday, October 19, 2007

Last one for today daughter LOVED the little felties I did today and asked me to make one for her I said SURE :D I decided on a pumpkin since she was born on Halloween but she wanted me to hide a 4 leaf clover inside for good luck so I tucked one inside, the stitching is off.. I am a newbie come on hehe..I think it turned out pretty cute. I sewed a medium sized bead on it and stitched the legs of the spider..what fun this is :D lovin it


~PrimLover~ said...

Its SOOO cute:) Love it!! WOW you do a great job! You are so Talented!!

futuregirl said...

First, I LOVE the idea of hiding something inside the stuffie. Second, this is SO cute! I love the little spider. :)