Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New 9/30

New today, finally drawing again, I was going to make a collection out of the letter for santa one but it turned out too big so now its a single :D

Prim *N* Tiques

Had to blog today about these fabulous sprays I got yesterday from Prims n Tiques boy do they smell nummy , I got Amish Friendship Bread, Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Oatmeal Raisin and Buttermilk Pancakes (my new fave lol) yummy scents just in time for the holidays I LOVE Them and will be back for more, she also has lots of other prim goodies, go take a peek, you should see the cute little witches hats she has and so much more.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Im Back Woot WOot

So sorry I havent been posting, I just got a new computer last night and am trying to catch up, I lost LOTS Of old graphics on my old computer boohooo.. I did get one new graphic up today. I bought a new monitor nice big flat screen one but cant draw on it waaahhh anyone know how to make it regular size just while I am drawing so I can use it? I was soo excited to get it and now hubby wants to take it back Noooooo I want it I want it lol

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello there this is Marissa, Carms Daughter. My Moms computer is down and getting repaired so she won't be available for about 5-9 days. If there are any questions you can e-mail me at marissa_bernard89@yahoo.com!! Thanks!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freckle Face

This is a recent pic of my daughter Jordan, isnt she cute with her little freckles, she got them from me but I always hated mine hehe, she looks cute with them

Snow Maker & Lil Ornie

Look at this lil gal holding an ornie, aint she cute :D she is new today

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Baby

Meet Jordy's new dog Baby, she is a big girl. she is a lab mix, we got her at an adoptathon that was being put on by Petsmart. They adopted out over 450 animals over the weekend YAYYYY.. She seems quite happy but likes to nip at your clothes a little. Hopefully we can break her of that habit. She is a puppy and still needs to be fixed. She is a hyper girl lol, Jordy LOVES her

Another Award for Me

Yayyyy thank you so much Diane/The Primitive Pumpkin Patch, I LOVE it!! And I love your blog too :D Carm

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Feel free to snag these and use them, no link back required

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beautiful Fall Pin From Sandra

Check out this beautiful pin from my pal Sandra she is SOO talented, she draws these by hand, it is done on canvas, SOOO kewl..thank you soo much. It was a thank you gift for entering her blog contest omgosh believe me Ill enter every time you have one hehe.. no need to send a thank you gift but i LOVE LOVE It :D I LOVE Fall, thank you thank you !!!

New and COOL

Check out Cool Andy lol

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a wonderful surprise

Ohhh Rosalie you are soo sweet, she says she LOVES my blog hehe.. I was supposed to put it up a couple days ago but I am SOO behind lol.. THANK You girl :D I love your blog too :D now I am to nominate some of my favs too..If I could give it back to you Rosalie I would :D Im off to find 7 blog pals to nominate :D Thanks so much

I awarded it to

Marissa My georgous daughter

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tag You....Life, friends, love, etc. <3

Ive been Tagged

The basics.
Hey, what's your name?: Carmen
And how was your day?: Ok so far
ASL?: 39,Female, Utah
What color is your hair?: almost black well except for the grays lol
How tall are you?:5:6
Do you wanna go out for coffee sometime?: nope
Do you even like coffee?: nope not really
What about McDonalds?: I didnt get this fat from starving lol
So describe yourself in three words.:Loud, Funny, Artistic
Are you taken/single?: taken
Getting a bit deeper.
Do you like your school?:
Do you like your house?: nope
What about your neighborhood?: it gets interesting around here
So, is your city big or small?:big
What are the people like?: Mormon
What do you hope you NEVER do?: have any of my kids die before me
What do you hope you NEVER lose?: my kids
What's your favorite...
Food?: Mexican Ohhh YAHHH
Color?: Red
Song?: Lovin me some Buck Cherry lately
Band?: Buck Cherry
Music?: Rock..old 80s, Old bands with new songs
Article of clothing?: Robe,Nightie
Presidential candidate for 2008?:
Website?: Mine lol
TV show?: Biggest Loser, House,
TV channel?: Animal Planet and Discovery?
Place in the world?: Home
Movie star?:Jason Statham
What about your least favorite...
Food?: Yogurt
Color?: Purple
Animal?: Dogs
Music?:Devil Music (as my mother would call it lol)
Article of clothing?: underwear ..I am SOOOOO KIDDING!!! Bwaahaaahaa
TV show?:The simpsons, family guy
TV channel?: Nickelodian sp?
Place in the world?: Dr's Office
Movie star?: Larry the cable guy
Have you ever...
Lied to your best friend?: probably
Snuck out of your house?:hehe... lots
Cheated on a test?: dont remember
Done drugs?: yes
Broken something and then blamed it on a younger sibling?: probably
Cussed to your parents?: yes
Skipped school WITHOUT your parents knowing?: many times
Are you single/taken?: taken
If taken, what's your bf/gf's name?: Dave
Their age?: 40
Do your parents approve?:
If single, do you like someone?:
Do they know?:
What's most important for you in a relationship?: Honesty
What's the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?: face
How much of an age difference is too big?: anything over 4 years
Thoughts on the opposite sex?: they suck
When did you first start noticing boys/girls?: 5th grade
How old were you when you got your first REAL boyfriend or girlfriend?:15
What age do you want to get married at?: married 1st age 17, second marriage age omgosh 20 something lol
Have kids?: 3 girls
The phone rings. Who do you hope it will be?: I hope it doesnt ring
What colors are your room?: tan/white
Do you believe in magic?: NOPE
What was the last thing to come out of your printer?:the ink cartridge because my printed DIED
Who was your last IM?: ??
Do you like biscuits?: yes if I didnt make them
If you turned on your TV right now, or if it's on, what station is it on?: 5
Do you like Harry Potter?: Of course
Do you have high speed internet?:
What are your top ten visited websites?: 2 emails, CYO forum, PcCrafter, blogger, my other forums..heck I dont know lol
What kind of instant messenger service do you have?:none
What color is your grass?: mostly green
Why are the gangsters so short?: little man syndrome
Do you like vegetables? mostly
Did you like this survey?: sure
Are you glad it's over?: YES

Ive Tagged

Diane from A Primitive Journey

Sandra From Babycakes Designs Speaks

Lisa Black Sheep Prims

My beautiful daughter Danielle

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New goodies 9/4

New September 4

Mr Snow is a freebie for you. Click on it to bring up a new window and then right click on it and save image as