Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tag You....Life, friends, love, etc. <3

Ive been Tagged

The basics.
Hey, what's your name?: Carmen
And how was your day?: Ok so far
ASL?: 39,Female, Utah
What color is your hair?: almost black well except for the grays lol
How tall are you?:5:6
Do you wanna go out for coffee sometime?: nope
Do you even like coffee?: nope not really
What about McDonalds?: I didnt get this fat from starving lol
So describe yourself in three words.:Loud, Funny, Artistic
Are you taken/single?: taken
Getting a bit deeper.
Do you like your school?:
Do you like your house?: nope
What about your neighborhood?: it gets interesting around here
So, is your city big or small?:big
What are the people like?: Mormon
What do you hope you NEVER do?: have any of my kids die before me
What do you hope you NEVER lose?: my kids
What's your favorite...
Food?: Mexican Ohhh YAHHH
Color?: Red
Song?: Lovin me some Buck Cherry lately
Band?: Buck Cherry
Music?: Rock..old 80s, Old bands with new songs
Article of clothing?: Robe,Nightie
Presidential candidate for 2008?:
Website?: Mine lol
TV show?: Biggest Loser, House,
TV channel?: Animal Planet and Discovery?
Place in the world?: Home
Movie star?:Jason Statham
What about your least favorite...
Food?: Yogurt
Color?: Purple
Animal?: Dogs
Music?:Devil Music (as my mother would call it lol)
Article of clothing?: underwear ..I am SOOOOO KIDDING!!! Bwaahaaahaa
TV show?:The simpsons, family guy
TV channel?: Nickelodian sp?
Place in the world?: Dr's Office
Movie star?: Larry the cable guy
Have you ever...
Lied to your best friend?: probably
Snuck out of your house?:hehe... lots
Cheated on a test?: dont remember
Done drugs?: yes
Broken something and then blamed it on a younger sibling?: probably
Cussed to your parents?: yes
Skipped school WITHOUT your parents knowing?: many times
Are you single/taken?: taken
If taken, what's your bf/gf's name?: Dave
Their age?: 40
Do your parents approve?:
If single, do you like someone?:
Do they know?:
What's most important for you in a relationship?: Honesty
What's the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?: face
How much of an age difference is too big?: anything over 4 years
Thoughts on the opposite sex?: they suck
When did you first start noticing boys/girls?: 5th grade
How old were you when you got your first REAL boyfriend or girlfriend?:15
What age do you want to get married at?: married 1st age 17, second marriage age omgosh 20 something lol
Have kids?: 3 girls
The phone rings. Who do you hope it will be?: I hope it doesnt ring
What colors are your room?: tan/white
Do you believe in magic?: NOPE
What was the last thing to come out of your printer?:the ink cartridge because my printed DIED
Who was your last IM?: ??
Do you like biscuits?: yes if I didnt make them
If you turned on your TV right now, or if it's on, what station is it on?: 5
Do you like Harry Potter?: Of course
Do you have high speed internet?:
What are your top ten visited websites?: 2 emails, CYO forum, PcCrafter, blogger, my other forums..heck I dont know lol
What kind of instant messenger service do you have?:none
What color is your grass?: mostly green
Why are the gangsters so short?: little man syndrome
Do you like vegetables? mostly
Did you like this survey?: sure
Are you glad it's over?: YES

Ive Tagged

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*Angelia* said...

yeaaa lots of things I did not know about you=)

Robin said...

Hi Carm !! You silly...I didn't get upset cause you pointed out the misspelling on my header ...lOL...I can't believe i never noticed it...geeeeezzzz..anyways...I tried to change the background and lost there isn't even a tab on my dashboard to change the layout or put up links or extras or even put on a header.....I can't figure out what to do ???

Sandra said...

Oh I missed this tag...You got me...Oh my ...I will have to go see if I can do this...Thanks sweetie..