Friday, September 26, 2008

Im Back Woot WOot

So sorry I havent been posting, I just got a new computer last night and am trying to catch up, I lost LOTS Of old graphics on my old computer boohooo.. I did get one new graphic up today. I bought a new monitor nice big flat screen one but cant draw on it waaahhh anyone know how to make it regular size just while I am drawing so I can use it? I was soo excited to get it and now hubby wants to take it back Noooooo I want it I want it lol


Cindy said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhh no more Raggedy withdrawels!! Welcome back gf glad to see you are up and running again!

Sandra said... are back...Oh I thought you got a virus...Thanks goodness.
Yahoo a new baby...(computer)
Good for you girly!
Glad you are back.

Karel said...

Hi Carm, I had the same problem designing on my big screen too. Never did get the resolution down to my liking so i couldn't get used to designing on the big screen. So I'm sitting here at my crowded desk with my new pc and big screen along side my old pc and normal screen fighting for space. I design on the old one and then transfer everything over. So if you ever find a workable solution I'd like to know. Love the new graphics I bought today. Can't wait for more! Huggs!