Saturday, February 23, 2008

Its Hubbys Birthday !!

Yep, hot dogs, leftover baked potatoes and eggs will fill him up just right.. fry up your potatoes and hot dogs til nice and brown, add a few eggs and stir them in.. fry it all up VERY Filling easy and happy hubby hehe dont forget salt n pepper, you can even add cheese, or salsa

He was SOo excited ROTFL to see his pretty decorations haha!!! I made him a quick easy and filling breakfast :D he is a big eater. Happy 40th Dave :D


Leslie said...

That is the VERY breakfast that my little brother and I used to make every weekend that we were visiting our Dad! LOL He would be sleeping and wake up to a cooked breakfast. At the time Dad lived in the very trailer that my hubby and I live in strange. My brother and I enjoyed cooking breakfast and man, did those hot dogs ever complete our meal. Dad calls it a "ship wreck" and my MIL calls it a "mess" but it's always good! We eat ketchup on it!

Hope your hubby had a GREAT b-day!

Marissa said...

Man, Carm, that looks so good. My birthday is coming up... how far is it from Utah? ;o)

Hugs, Marissa