Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful wreath I won

omgosh the wreath I won 2 days ago came today, Boy that was fast and it smells SOOO good and its just beautiful, I took a pic of it where I hung it in my living room but the light was bad so this pic is in the kitchen on the counter lol, Im NOT putting it outside on the front door because I want to walk by and smell it all day :D Im soo happy, I am attaching a link to the wonderful place where I got it from and also to the blog that held the contest, thanks so much Computer Lady and also to Grandma D's tree and wreath farm Woot Woot

Shopping Gems
Computer Ladys blog check it all out
Grandma D's Tree and Wreath Farm make sure to check out the centerpieces too and mark them for next year


BRD said...

It is gorgeous. Great prize to win.
I love your blog.

Diana said...

WOW...LUCKY YOU!! bet that smells heavenly..