Monday, December 22, 2008


I cannot even tell you how many fun goodies Cinny sent me you MUST visit her site. She has sent me peppermints, tea, cocoa, bath confetti, recipe cards, notebooks,popcorn, notecards and more, she is SO talented at what she does, she also likes my graphics which makes me happy :D omgosh did you see the Christmas sockies hehe...LOVE THEM! Thanks so much Cinny your the best!!
Go peek at her site here

omgosh forgot to mention the hersheys kisses.. YUMM did I mention that my girls got TONS of goodies in their stockings this year hehe, I am still finding Cinny wrappers for tea and cocoa all over the house lol


MommaB said...

looks pretty...did you make all those items???

Dani said...

Those are so cute mom! Can't wait to see you guys christmas eve, I got you guys like a family present. And you guys got me something so you can't be angry. I think you'll love it! love you

Denni said...

Cute stuff girl!!! I'm sorry to hear about hubby. I hope you have a good Christmas!!

LJ said...

They are adorable!

Cindy Zirrillio said...

Hi Carm
So glad you liked all your goodies.
the tin with the kisses was your Christmas Prezzie from me. hehe
I am looking forward to another wonderful year using your graphics.
Much love and hugs, Cinny