Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EEK Mouse in the house

EEK!!! I go in the kitchen to grab a new water bottle, my cat Sounder has her arm up to her shoulder under the dishwasher grabbing at something, then she pulls her head back and OMG its a flippin mouse I yelled SOUNDER NO! She turned and looked at me like yahh right lol, she took off so Im in a panic do I go try to stop Sounder? But what if the mouse gets away I dont want it loose in the house ROTFL so I run in my computer room and put my feet up off the floor just in case LOL..Im thinking WHERE is my husband when I need him what do I do HELP , I can hear you laughing btw :D anyways...so after a few seconds I peek out of my door and see her jumping around chasing it EEKKK...back to my chair with my feet up. OMG OMG help MEEE . I get brave again and decided to go out and peek, I see Sounder has it on the floor and it is MOSTLY dead, it wasnt moving or anything but I think I could see its heart still beating the poor thing :( I grabbed a plastic shopping bag and put it over the mouse, grabbed a huge handfull of papertowels to use to pick up the bag because I DONT want to feel the poor things little body AT ALL lol. Then Im thinking oh nooo what do I do with it? Should I go throw it outside? nooo its too far. I ended up picking it up, folding the bag over the mouse and threw it all in the garbage EWWW ICKKK YIKES!!! I made hubby take the trash out as soon as he got home ROTFL after he had a big ol laugh over it the jerk LMAO SO I totally forgot to tell ya that I went in the bathroom after I picked it up and threw up my Coke what a day!! If he thinks Im going to make dinner now he is CRAZY

A wonderful Poem that evil Kim wrote for me LOL, aint she sweet LMAO

here comes the little mousey; coming after carm.
he sneaks and shuffles ,so he dont set off the alarm.
his little nose he wiggles, his whiskers shake with mousey giggles.
up on the bed he jumps, faster than light!
dont go to sleep, cause he is coming for you tonight!

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~PrimLover~ said...

OMG! LMBO! 2 funny Carm.. I dont like mice either!! But my cat sure dose! I have not seen any since I loved in the house, I think she missed the old house:) The poem is too cute too.. I wanted 2 also tell you I love the kitty dividers. TOO CUTE
have a nice night