Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ive been Christmas Tagged lol

Ok Niki here are mine hehe

1. I have a wizard of oz ornie that MUST be up every year, also 3 muppets that I have to have out, I got them in 1984 I think and have had them out every Christmas since I should post a pic eh?

2. I dont like peppermint, I love fruity flavored canes though Yum Yum

3. We give the kiddos peanuts and oranges every single year, my mom did it for me and now I do it for my kiddos

4. I want a wizard of oz tree, we will see if that every happens lol

5. My first Christmas music was an Elvis Presley Christmas album that I bought for myself lol, I loved him but he had already passed away.

6. I have 2 Chipmunk Christmas CDs that we play every year, I love them I think I might get them out first thing in the morn

7. I forced a prim tree on hubby this year, he wanted to put at least his Peanuts ornies on the tree but I told him we would get him a smaller tree and do a whole charlie brown tree, well I KNEW he wouldnt buy a little tree lmao

8. I would LOVE to have the traditional favorite Tamales for Christmas dinner, I have tried to make them but they SUCKED lol

9. I have a santa that I got from my grandma and grandpa (who have passed away) that tells stories. You put a book in his hand and he reads . I LOVE it and will keep it forever

10.we buy hubbys mom slippers every single year, thats what she wants and she expects them lol

11. My fav Christmas candies are Almond Roca, Peanut Brittle, and fudge with nuts

12. Im not done Christmas shopping yet EEEEEkkk

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