Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tagged Again hehe

I have been tagged again this time by Sherry hehe.. 5 more random things about me :D

1. I am allergic to cats and we have 4 lol

2. I love the Wizard of Oz and want to start a collection, I already have a few things but I need MORE

3. I check and lock doors CONTINUOUSLY drives my hubby nuts, he will walk outside for something just for a second and when he comes back he has to ring the doorbell lol..funny thing is I never remember locking it but I know I do it so of course it was me haha!

4. I like to drink BEER from the can like a man...........BURP!!! ROTFL

5. I like to sing, I sing constantly..commercials, songs..I cant help it and do it ALL the time without thinking. I sing in the tub I sing at the computer I sing sing sing.

I guess I need to go tag some people now huh? hehe... who shall it be??




4.My Raggedy Dolls


Erin said...

hahaha..I lock the doors too! and I love the are too funny..and I honestly didn't tag people cause didn't know about putting the web addresses there..and am new at this stuff!! Glad you are teaching me!!!I love it!!

De said...

The door locking! I am compulsive with it! I lock my hubby out all the time too, not to bad if i don't go get into the shower after I do it! uh oh!