Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ive been tagged :D

Ive been tagged by De to post 5 random things about myself so here I go

#1 I LOVE mexican food, I am half mexican and I cant cook mexican food very well but I certainly love to eat it lol, my thighs show it too lol.

#2 I LOVE TOYS! I love happy meal toys and even though my kids are too old, if there are toys I want I will buy the kids meal to get it haha, I also love old vintage fisher price toys.

#3 I dont talk on the phone, I hate it, I get all panicky and dont know what to say, i hate the sound of the phone ringing.

#4 I LOVE Pork Rinds (Chicharrones) Yes they stink and they look disgusting but I make hubby buy them for me all the time, Hey they are Carb free lol

#5 I love coloring books and crayons, I love to color and the cuter the coloring book the more I want it, I also love the show The Backyardigans and also Jakkers (sp?) SO cute

1 comment:

De said...

Yep, phones are YUCKY! and toys are fun!