Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fuzzy new friend

Hello Im new here :D made this little guy yesterday from a Crafty Carnival freebie on her blog, he still needs a bow on his neck


Niki said...

Omgosh I want him! I thought you didnt sew well! You're awesome! Super cute.
On martha stewart yesterday they had that book about warm fuzzies, the cupcake wool pin cushions on the front. super cute stuff! how big is he? oh too many cuties out there. HUGS carm. Sorry I've been a stranger :( Not having good mental days lately lol

Cookie said...

how adorable!
that could almost be a "binkie" in his mouf!!!

He is just the sweetest :)

~PrimLover~ said...

Carm, Love this teddy!! Great work!! Hope to talk to ya again real soon!!