Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Gorgeous girls at Christmas

couldnt get them to all sit down together so here are the pics I got lol, arent they puuuurty :D Jordan 16 is in the top pic, Danielle left (20) and Marissa right (18) are in the bottom pic

4 comments: said...

Your girls are Gorgeous!!! Beautiful Girls!!! So glad you posted their photos. If we aren't Proud Mamma's and think our children are The Best, then who will??? Important for our children to feel and know we think they are Wonderful, Beautiful, and The Best!!!
I am Proud as a Peacock of my son, Ralph, and daughter, Beth, and they know it!!!
Thanks for posting this.
Have a Blessed Sunday,
Linda :-)

De said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I bet they look just like you!

Cookie said...

Carm, you have such a wonderful outlook on life. I adore the Glow Worm spot!!
And I can't think of anything better than a platter of cheese sticks to share with 3 beautiful daughters :)


Erika said...

Your girls are very pretty~Just like their Momma ;0)

Thanks for dropping by my blog.