Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ive been tagged by Donna

Hehe Ive been tagged by Donna to post 5 random things about myself so here goes

1. I HATE yogurt..give your bacterial growth to someone else ROTFL

2. I LOVE Metallica, I used to hate them when I was young, sounded like they were just screaming but now I love em go figure lol

3. Im a total goofball, I pull faces and do voices to make my kids and hubby laugh I look and sound like an idiot but I dont care lol.. you may even catch me pulling some really dorky lookin dance moves if your lucky haha

4. I want to learn to tole paint

5. My feet hurt all day every day, its been at least a year but Im too chicken to go to the doctor about it grr..

K..enough about me hehe...now I gotta choose 5 more suckas I mean FRIENDS to tag LMBO


NeedleFeltingFans.com said...

Hey Carmen, I don't want to be one of your suckas, hmm I mean friends, at the moment. teeheehee ROFL!!!

shweetpotato said...

Are ya sure?? hehe because I still havent picked anyone to tag yet lol, spots are still available lmbo

Donna said...

I'll eat the bacterial growth! Toot, toot! ROLF! Thanks for being a good sport on the tagging. I kind of figured you for a goofball, LOL! Now go see the doctor about those feet - ya hear me???