Friday, March 14, 2008

Bear w/Updated Look

I posted this bear before but decided I didnt like her the way she was so I just redid her hehe, doesnt she look so much better now :D

OHH and banana bars that I made Yum Yum the recipe is here on my blog somewheres about hehe


Jeanine said...

Love the bear, Carm! He/She (??) is so cute!
The banana bars look delicious too! Why don't ya send the recipe our way, we'll feature it on our blog & give you the credit you deserve (as well as alink to your blog or website, your choice). :)

Kindra said...

The banana bars look wonderful! I just made some yummy banana muffins from Colleen's (And baby makes 5)blog.
I think you bear is adorable.

A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

Oh the banana bar do look yummy...I am so glad you liked the award..... sure copy and paste it all... what I did, then save the pic to put with you post. And you will be all set.
Congrats sweetie.
Hugs Sandra

Jaime said...

what a cute little bear!