Friday, April 11, 2008

Hutch is done... Kind of

Well the hutch is finally put back together , I still think there is too much stuff on it and Im sure I will keep moving things around for weeks but for now, Im done lol. The hutch is actually my husbands grandmas.It was given to use when she passed away so hubby is very attached to it.


Neenee said...

Carm - I LOVE your hutch and how you've decorated it - I don't think it's too much at all, really displays your treasures beautifully!

Jeanine said...

Hey, I was waiting for the after pic! It looks GREAT Carm! Nice job!

AND, you figured out how to do a background on your blog! AWESOME! Now ya gotta help me! LOL! I can't seem to figure it out (doh!).

Pamela said...

Goode Morning...
I just found your blog... and Oh... what an inspirational blessing. I don't see many primitive blogs out there. I am adding you to my daily favorites. I see that you love to cook... one of my passions.
Love the hutch & all the treasures nestled on it.
Have a Wonderful Sunday, Pamela