Monday, April 7, 2008

Worst Recipe Challenge

hehe.. my pal Sandra challenged me to post an icky icky WORST recipe I could find and I FOUND one hehe.. how does creamed brains sound? Or Head Cheese that has sat for 3 days omgosh EWWWW.. hope you can give these a try and let me know how you like em hehe.. if you would like to join in post back that you have put something on your blog along with a link so I can go check it out

I challenge

Dawn and Jeanine



A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

Carmen ..Oh you nut...You did it. Oh I thought this would be fun...and it is!!!!!
Head Cheese that sat for 3 days....Nasty!!!! OMG. !! No I will NOT be cooking this one.....
Good one kiddo !! See ya soon...Sandra

Jeanine said...

Oh oh, I'll see what I can find. That is absolutely disgusting!! then again, I may not have to look far. The other day I was watching Iron Chef America, and the guy cook "squall", which is pigeon! AND, he roasted the heads, split it, so they could suck the brains out...EWWW... But, I'll see what I can find! ;)

Leslie said...

Gross...gross...gross! LOL

Did you ever watch "Wife Swap" on ABC? There was this one family that took meat and left it sit for months. I forget what the heck they called it but they would eat it like that! They thought the rest of the people in the world were were weird because we cook our food! Blech!

shweetpotato said...

Oh I did see that, eww yes, they had jars of it sitting around SOOo disgusting