Friday, July 25, 2008

Check out my Punkins :D

My gal pal Tammy who is a fabulous prim artist challenged me to make some pumpkins , I LOVE fall, well I DID it, I actually DID it hehe, I didnt cuss or kill anyone lmbo my family hides when I get out the sewing machine lol, they think I am SO mean when I sew lmbo, I dont like to sew much but I am usually happy when I am done :D here are my punkins, I drew them out on paper then sewed them up. I may sew some faces on a couple not sure, they arent all the way dry in the pic


Tammy said...

You did great Carm. I knew you could do it. Two thumbs up my friend. Thank you also for your kind words.

Rilda Peel said...

Oh my!! You did a great job on them. Looks soooo prim. A pat on the back to you. Blessings, rilda