Monday, July 7, 2008

More Tammy Goodies

omgosh I am totally spoiled again, I got another bday pressie today thank you so much Tammy, 2 of my online gal pals sent me pressies :D I must be special hehe. LOVE you guys.. here is the one from Tammy, I got the most fabulous americana pin cushion WOW its so big and soft and I LOVE it. Ohhh and the coolest card that actually had a recipe card built in Awesome, Ive never seen that before and now I have a new recipe to try too , THANKS Tammy SOO much!!


Tammy said...

You have helped me with graphics and been so great with everything. I Thank you for that. You make some awesome graphics. I am sooo glad that you liked all your goodies. I hate that the gift was so late. I hope the cake is good.

I just love those cards. I got a few from a store here. It was going out of buiness, so I grabbed a few. I only give them to close people.

I wish I could find them so I could sell them. I hope everything brings you much happiness..

Hugs my friend..

Sandra said...

Carmen ...when is your B-Day?
Happy Birthday Sweetie.
Stop by my have an award...
Hugs Sandra

Leslie said...

Very cute! I just love red, white and blue! :)